#1 Local SEO Services in Boston

Many don’t realize the importance of local SEO. As many as 97% consumers go online to find local services and 82% smartphone users use search engines when looking for a local business. To connect with these consumers, you’ll need #1 local SEO services provider and expert in Boston.

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Local SEO Services in Boston

Local On-Page SEO in Boston

Without on-page optimization, you can’t do online business, at least, if you are intending on ranking your business and site using Search Engine Optimization.

On-page optimization refers to working on your site to improve the site rank in search engines. The various factors that make up on-page optimization include meta tag description, content creation, keyword research, etc.

If you are a local business owner and want to improve your brand’s exposure online, then Search Engine Optimization is your best bet. On-Page is essential for that.

On-page optimization is one of the core aspects of Search Engine Optimization, and you’d need this technique to rank your site high on search engines.

Raising visibility on the web is the best way to get exposure for your business. In short, you’ll need to rely on SEO, and on-page optimization technique will be necessary.

Without proper knowledge and expertise, you can’t do on-page optimization by yourself. That’s where we come in. UpstairsSEO will help you rank your site and increase your sale and revenue.

Link Building & Local Listing Citations

For a good business, online visibility is necessary because customers now prefer checking for products and services online; hence, the popularity of Search Engine Optimization.

If you are doing business in your surrounding area, then local SEO will be essential for you. Link building & local listing citations will be more than ever needed for online visibility and to thrive your business.

Link building is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization altogether. Whereas listing citations are important for a local business to prove their integrity.

In simple terms, a local citation is any online mention of the name, address, telephone numbers, etc. for a business in the region. It helps people find local businesses and also impact search engine ranking.

Both link building & local citation require specialized knowledge and training to accomplish; hence, you’ll need to rely on a reliable provider like UpstairsSEO to do the job.

We’ll list your business information to local business directories and online portals so that people can find your business. Also, we’ll build link for your site, so the site ranks higher on search engines.

Local SEO Reporting

Accurate and Concise Reporting

Without adequate resources local SEO can be overwhelming and difficult to monitor. First and foremost, we prioritize our clients piece of mind and utilize a platform based on transparency for a concise and accurate reporting.  

We utilize sophisticated software to monitor our clients ranking because it’s important as search algorithms gets updated on a daily basis and we need to be up to date.

We provide a detailed report of your company's ranking among local opposition so you’d know where are you standing among the most competitive keywords for your industry.

Our specialists spend a lot of time and efforts towards link building. It’s in our best interest for our client’s business to rank high on search engines.

We set up and integrate our clients Google Analytics to maintain the most accurate information when it comes to internet traffic.

One of our top priority is to drive traffic through successful search engine rankings, and we utilize the data for you to keep an edge over local competitions.

Keyword Ranking for Local SEO

Having the right keyword to rank your site and business on the search engine will help you out tremendously if you are a local business owner.

Target the audience with the right keywords to improve your engagement with clients. You can market your products and services with keyword ranking.

If you want to improve the ranking of your site and want to bring more customers to your local business, keyword ranking is essential because with the right keyword you can get attention from people searching for your services online.

Identifying the right keyword for your products and services is difficult. Even if you know the keyword, you want to rank it will be hard to work with it yourself.

Not anyone can work with keyword ranking, and it’s best hiring a company that provides quality keyword ranking service like UpstairsSEO.

Our team of SEO experts can help you identify the right keyword for your products and services. Also, we’ll help you get exposure online so you can grow your brand and increase your sale.


Local SEO Boston at a Glance

Most tend to think local SEO is just a small part of Search Engine Optimization; however, that’s wrong. There’s more to it.

Google my business

Google my business

Google is the largest search engine, and you can get your business listed on Google to drive more customers from the mobile to your business.

Local Audience

Local Audience

For your business to thrive, you’ll need to know about your local audience. Therefore, target visitors from the search engine results located in your area.


Brand Awareness

It’s necessary you know your brand better, and you can show brand awareness through search engine results page and showing your brand online.


Outrank local competitor

To increase sale and improve your business it’s necessary to analyze the competitors online & find the gaps in their SEO to improve your ranking.


Keyword Research

Find the best keywords on the local market for your products and services to improve your business and find hidden opportunities online.


Get Found on Google

Google is the number one search engine on the web, and we’ll help you get found on Google when users search for the products & services you provide.


Get Reviewed

With the help of local SEO, you can get reviewed directly from local customers and build your brand reputation online.


Optimized content

Content is life when it comes to SEO, and you should optimize your content for better business. We’ll help you write quality content for your community.


Transparent Report

You can get an instant report automatically directly from us quickly to learn how we can help your business. We hide nothing from our clients.

Increase Traffic, Leads, and Sales

We’ll help you increase traffic, find prospects and clients for your business with our local SEO services in Boston. Let us work with you to improve your brand.

Brand Visibility & Reputation

Brand Visibility & Reputation

We’ll help your brand get more visibility online with our team of local SEO experts and help you connect with your prospective client while also improve your brand’s reputation.

Unlimited Organic Traffic

Unlimited Organic Traffic

To thrive your business, it’s essential to bring more traffic to your site, and we’ll do just that by spreading your name to searching engines bringing traffic, and revenue for your website.

Top Ranking on Google

Top Ranking on Google

You’ll need to rank on top on Google if you want to improve your business. We’ll help you rank on top of the search engine with our experience and unique SEO techniques.


Increase Sales & Revenue

Our local SEO service will help you drive your targeted audience to your site which will increase your sales and revenue in return.

Our local SEO Services Process in Boston

We’ve been providing our services for the local businesses in Boston for some time now, and we’ll help you rank your brand on major search engines.

01   Local SEO Project Brief

Before we start the project, we’ll talk to you and know more about your local business.

02   Local Keyword Research

We’ll start keyword research next for the best keyphrases for your local business services and products.

03   Identify Local SEO Competitor

We’ll identify and analyze the SEO competitors for your business in the region to make you rank higher in the search engines.

01   Technical SEO Audit For Your Local Business

We’ll conduct a technical SEO audit on your business site after we identify your competitors.

02   Backlink Analyze

Our team will run link research on your site and check for those links health and ranking.

03   Content Writing

If you want your local business to be known content writing is an effective tactic.

01   Local On-Page SEO

We practice the best on-page SEO in Boston and will help your business rank in search engines.

02   Local SEO Citation

Although not essential but SEO Citation is important for the business in your regional city.

03   Local Off-Page SEO

If you want to rank your site on Boston, you’ll need local off-page SEO, and we’ll be glad to help you.

01   Top Quality Link Building

We will ensure you that your local off-page SEO is effective through top quality link building.

02   Content Updates

Everyone loves fresh content rather than old ones, and we’ll help you with updated content on a regular basis.

03   Reporting

How will you know if we’re working properly for you? We’ll submit report of our progress to you, so you’ll know how far we are.

What makes us local SEO expert in Boston?

UpstairsSEO is the number #1 company providing local SEO services in the Boston and nearby area. We’ll help you and your business rank high in your targeted keywords or key phrases on search engines in your area. We can also help you create top quality content and best experience for your site with our skill.

Talk to you

It’s essential for us and you to be on the same page before we start the project; hence, we talk to you beforehand to know more about your local business and services.

Analyzing The Market

We’ll analyze your services & products, site & your local competitors – the overall market of your niche to make you visible in search engines.

IA Overview

Your business and site are interlinked if you want to thrive online. We’ll run a complete review your website for improved user experience and performance.

Site Analyze

If a site isn’t friendly, there’s a high chance of the site not appearing on search engines. We’ll analyze your website and make sure it’s friendly and comes up in search engines.

Competitive Analysis

We’ll find your competitors based on keywords related to the products or services you provide and determine our course of action accordingly.

On-site Strategy

If necessary, we’ll change your business website and the content for better ranking in the search engines in your local area.

Off-site Strategy

We’ll analyze your market niche and potential clients to generate natural links that match with your services and products.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is absolutely necessary for a business, and our expert content strategist will create the perfect content for your website to rank your business higher on the search engines.

Goal Measuring

We’ll make a documentation measurement of our short-term and long-term goals for our clients and will evaluate our performance.

Implementing Content

After content strategy and keyword research, we’ll implement content on your site based on the strategy to reflect the targeted keywords in search engines.

Implementing Technical Details

The technical parts include editing website coding based on the on-site strategy and optimize the site for ranking in search engines.

Creating Content

Based on the content strategy we’ll create content for your site on a regular basis to reach your targeted audience in the local area.

Public Relations

To increase the exposure of your business content and links back your site, we’ll spread information using mediums such as news or press release.

Influencer Outreach

Contact potential clients with the goal of publishing content on their website which includes the link to your local business site.

Local Social Media

Social media has become a big channel to market your service, and we’ll help you get your business shared and discussed on your local social media platforms.

Monthly Performance Report

For you to know our progress, we’ll provide you a complete visual report of our monthly performance using Google analytics and webmaster.


We are the best local SEO services provider in Boston. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding SEO services. You can contact us if you have any additional questions.


Local search makes up of 20% online users worldwide.

Amongst all the mobile users, around 50% uses Google map to search for local products and services.

According to Google, around 30% people search for their local community, business information, and entertainment.

Over 70% users seek for an offline company online.

Yes, our local SEO service friendly and we use Google tools to create more active and effective SEO results.

Very important. Data says the content page is extremely relevant for a company in search engines.

Yes. Business profiles are what will help you land customers online.

The results vary depending on the business types and the number of local listings.

A local SEO provider like UpstairsSEO has the experience and knowledge to know how to improve your local business.