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Upstairs SEO offer PPC – a profitable and immediate solution to businesses in dire needs of immediate sales or conversions. We work with businesses that are new, and we optimize existing accounts further. We are the best in Boston providing PPC marketing to businesses of all kinds. Contact us today for further details.

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    Successful Campaign Creation in Boston

    Creating a PPC campaign is easy, and anyone can do it; however, creating one that will deliver result requires a great deal of research and analysis which not anyone can accomplish.


    We at Upstairs SEO will create your campaign to drive the right customers for your business, and we know how to research and analyze a PPC campaign.


    We’ll find the right keywords for your advertisements to thrive without spending too much of your budget and you’ll know our effectiveness when we get on with the job.


    With a long year of experience and expertise, we will make sure you reach your full potential by looking at the competitions and other factors.


    When creating a PPC ad, choosing the right landing page is important. We’ll make sure when some clicks on your advertisements they are sent to your landing page with a great call to action that will give you an excellent opportunity for getting clients.


    If you want to make your campaign successful, you’ll need to write good ads. We’ll write unique and engaging advertisements that will entice users to click on them and encourage them to transact.

    On-Going PPC Campaign Optimization

    It’s our motto always to keep on an eye on all our PPC campaigns. In short, we’ll continuously optimize your ads so that they reach new heights, delivering the best customers.


    Our team keeps monitoring the effectiveness of the campaigns to ensure they are working at the best and we are always raising the bar by testing multiple ads together.


    It’s important to keep up with user trends because user trends can help us determine how the ads may need changes for success.


    We follow user trends to see where the clicks are happening and how we can take advantage of the trends and improve your ads.


    You should be aware of your budget and use them wisely because if you spend your budget mindlessly, you’ll be in trouble in the future.


    We create and optimize campaigns accordingly based on the keywords that are driving the best conversation on the internet.

    SEO Support
    SEO Support

    PPC Performance Reporting

    It’s necessary you are up to date and involved in all the works done. Therefore, we make sure you don’t have to guess when it comes to your PPC ads.


    It’s important you know how we are doing with your ads; hence, we make a visual performance report to show our progress.


    Whether it’s campaign changes, new user trends, or new data we’ve found we’ll keep you reported so that you can take part in the discussions.


    Our team at Upstairs SEO will provide insight into how your budget is being spent so that you know what you are getting in return from us.


    Knowing what ads and keywords are driving conversations for your business is essential as having the knowledge will increase the chance of improving your business.


    We’ll provide you an online dashboard where you will have access to all your ad campaigns information.

    Take Your PPC Ad Management Campaign to the Next Level

    PPC has a quick impact on your business website and provide your brand with a broad reach and exposure because of first-page ranking on search engines.


    Video Advertising

    We are experts at advertising through video, and our team of expert is always ready to help you create video adverts that will bring advantage to you over your competitors. 


    Search Advertising

    Search advertising is the most used and cost-effective form of advertising which can earn your business potential client while saving money with Upstairs SEO.


    Display Advertising

    To increase brand exposure, engagement, and conversions, we offer display marketing strategies for our clients. We can manage all your campaigns successfully.


    Shopping Advertising

    If you are an e-commerce business owner or you sell your products and services online, shopping advertisement will be necessary for you. We can help you with your shopping advertisement and drive customers to your business.

    Our PPC Services Process in Boston

    We at Upstairs SEO provide top quality PPC services in Boston with our expert and experienced team of marketing specialists.

    01   Briefing

    We’ll talk to you about your goal, and we’ll move depending on what you want to do.

    02   Define performance goals

    On the next step, we’ll define our performance goal to reach a satisfactory result our client desire.

    03   Review historical data

    We’ll review most recent and old historical data to make a better campaign, them move accordingly.

    04   Identify competitors

    It’s essential to know your market competitors to make the campaign successful, and we’ll identify and analyze the competition for you.

    05   Create strategy

    We’ll create a strategy after we define a goal, review historical data, and analyze your business.

    06   Implement strategy

    After creating a strategy, we’ll implement the strategy discussed to make the PPC campaign successful.

    07   Build keyword

    You’ll waste budget needlessly if you don’t have the correct keywords to target for your campaign. In this case, we’ll build the right keywords for you.

    08   Target audience

    Obviously, to make your PPC ads successful, you’ll need to target the right audience. We’ll analyze the market and find the right audience for you.

    09   Optimize landing page

    After preparing the ad-copy, we’ll make the best landing page for you with our unique and tested method. 

    10   Implement Tracking

    We’ll implement basic to advanced tracking options for all the clients after we define the campaign goals and review the data.

    11   Develop ad copy

    It’s essential to develop a creative ad-copy after building and targeting keywords. With our experience and expert team, we’ll ensure you the best ad copy possible.

    12   Monitor and Report

    With our state of art monitoring software and own insight, we’ll make sure you are never paying extra, and after we start your campaign, we’ll report to you on a regular basis.  

    What makes us the best PPC Service in Boston?

    Upstairs SEO is one of the best and most highly-qualified Pay Per Click company in Boston, and it’s our pride to offer the best PPC service in the area. We have helped countless companies with their campaigns using our unique Pay Per Click services. We specialize in creating successful AdWords and improving underperforming campaigns. Upstairs SEO got a good reputation in Boston and nearby area for working with reputable companies and improving the ROI for them. We provide the best PPC services in Boston with our marketing specialists at cost-effective prices.

    Fast Results

    We pride ourselves in showing fast results. Business wants results, and they want it fast. Although, depending on the type of business the speed varies, but we ensure the quickest result in Boston with our Pay-Per-Click services.

    PPC Integration

    We can bring more clients to your business by integrating PPC to social media, SEO content marketing, CRO, and public relations.


    We make sure to offer our services at cost-effective prices by tracking, measuring, and analyzing all your ads for improvements.

    Informative Content

    We will provide informative, and precise content ads with comprehensive knowledge about what you want to deliver to your audience.

    Creative and Market-Oriented Presentation

    We’ll help you succeed with your customers to build their trust in you with our creative design and market-oriented presentation. 

    Measurable Results

    We will measure everything related to your campaign from costs, profits, views, clicks, visits and many more and you’ll know if you are generating loss or profit.

    No Dependency on SEO or Google algorithm changes

    Although we integrate your PPC to SEO, we are not dependent on it or any algorithmic changes Google brings. Even if there are any changes, we keep your campaign up to date with our experience and expert team.

    Target the right audience

    When running a PPC campaign, it’s essential you target the right audience from various factors such as location, keywords, websites, etc. and we’ll do all that for you.

    Take advantage of business opportunities

    If you hire us, we’ll make sure you never lose any business opportunities in case any of your competitors shows any openings for opportunities.

    Brand Recognition

    We’ll use your PPC campaign to target keywords related to your business niche so that people searching for those keywords will see your ads, in result, increasing your brand’s exposure.

    Bring in Local Customers

    PPC is highly effective for local search, and we will optimize your campaign so that the people in the local area searching for the products or services in your target keywords will see your ads.

    Expert team

    If we don’t have an expert team highly efficient at Pay-Per-Click campaigns, then we can’t run business; hence, our teams are full of experts at PPC marketing.

    Multiple Strategies

    If you want to test multiple products or services of your business, we can run multiple ad campaigns on Google and analyze the results.

    Client’s Budget

    Depending on the client’s budget we’ll run the ads; hence, no matter what kind of budget you have we’ll ensure you an effective PPC campaign.


    We hide nothing and provide our client’s with reports on a daily basis to show what we are doing and how much we’re progressing with the campaign.

    Customer Attention

    With our engaging and to-the-point advertisement, we will help bring you more customer attention in the market. In result, your customer base will increase.

    FAQ - PPC Service

    Get answers of your PPC relevant questions that confusing you to start PPC campaign for  your  business in Boston.

    SEO Support

    PPC are online ads that are placed in strategic locations targeting customers who have already shown interest in the products or services your business offers.

    This depends on your business; however, Pay Per Click (PPC) should work for most business and should be right for you if you want to market your business online.

    We do not lock our clients into any contract.

    The results depend on the type of business, and usually, you’ll be able to see results within a week or a month.

    Yes, we are a certified and accredited PPC marketing company.

    Now AdWords advertisements and legal directories are dominating search results; hence, if you’re running a business PPC will be a good way to market your products and services.

    Generally speaking, PPC is not expensive, and most PPC management companies offer their services at cost-effective prices.

    Our ROI calculator will let you determine how much your business should bring in new revenue.

    Many changes have come in the last few years, and if you haven’t tried a new campaign in the last few months, you should try again.

    Because it can be difficult to manage everything from social media to SEO and an experienced PPC management company like Upstairs SEO can do that all for you.