Why Local SEO Is Important?

Why Local SEO Is Important

How well do you understand the importance of local SEO, whether or not it applies to your company, and how you can increase your chances of attracting local consumers and clients?.. As a result, I’ve written this post to provide you with a better understanding of how local search engine optimization works.
Make use of the power of the Internet to connect you with a local audience. When this is the case, you’ll need to learn about local SEO. Here’s how you get the most out of local search.
If you want your website to show up in local search results, you need to optimize it for SEO.
All those catchy search phrases that scream “local” are included in the local search.

  • lawyers near me
  • doctors near me
  • lawyers in [city name]
  • doctors in [city name]

For the most part, local SEO is a planned strategy that emphasizes the efforts of local brick and mortar companies in the optimization process.
These efforts include content, on-page improvements, and link building all with a regional emphasis.
However, when it comes to acquiring local links, the emphasis shifts.
The goal now is to ensure that all of Google’s local search signals are accurate and consistent.
Because of this, you may encounter circumstances where your local results reveal something other than what was intended if they are not consistent or if you submit incorrect information for the same firm.

What are the Key Local SEO Ranking Factors?

According to Google, the three most critical variables are:

  • Reliability: how effectively searchers find a local business in their search results. Google will be able to better match your business to the most relevant queries if you provide more information about your company.
  • Distance is the measure of how distant a possible company is from the search phrases used to pinpoint its location. If a consumer doesn’t provide a specific address, Google will estimate the travel time based on the information that is already available.
  • Google’s knowledge regarding a company’s prominence is based on the amount of information it has about a company on the internet (like links, articles, and directories). Increasing a business’s Google review count and score can help it rise in local search results if it has a high number of reviews and good ratings.


Why Local Search Is Important

According to the following statistics, local search is still very significant for companies.

  • Within a day of doing a local search on their phone, 50% of those consumers visited a shop.
  • 34% of those who used a computer or tablet for their search did the same.
  • One day later, 18% of local mobile searches result in a purchase.
  • In the United States, 60 percent of individuals use tablets and smartphones to look for local services and products.
  • Nearly half of all mobile phone users who perform local searches want to know where a company is located.
  • 78 percent of local-based mobile searches lead to offline sales.
  • Seventy-one percent of those polled said they look up the location of a company to verify its existence before making their first trip there.
  • Almost one in three smartphone searches were made right before going inside a shop.
  • Consumers searched for local companies online 97% of the time in 2017, with 12% of them searching daily.


Who Benefits from Local SEO & Why?

Lawyers & Law Firms

This is a little-known advantage of SEO for lawyers: Google displays a call button right in local search results on mobile phones, making it easier for potential clients to get in touch with you.
A prospective client may search for “[kind of attorney]” on their phone and obtain results that are specific to their area.
An attorney’s “contact us” button is the most prominent call-to-action in a successful local SEO campaign if done correctly.
Anyone who has been injured in an accident or has another legal situation will be calling around looking for lawyers that give free consultations, so this is a significant perk.
These customers may be reached via this one route at the precise moment they need an attorney.

Doctors & Medical Practices

In my experience, when someone is looking for a doctor, they are always looking for a doctor who is close by or a doctor who is “near me.”
Most individuals aren’t willing to drive long distances to see a doctor. They’re looking for a doctor who’s close by and available on a regular basis so they can get frequent checkups.
There are several advantages to utilizing the search “doctors near me” in this enormous local pack result, as seen in the image below.
There is an immediate “directions link” that opens up a map application on your phone when you click on this local result.
Most patients prefer to make an appointment with their doctor over the phone, and they want to know how to get to the doctor’s office quickly and easily.


Plumbers are the next firm to reap the benefits of local SEO.
What happens if someone has a plumbing issue and they don’t have time to go to the store? No, people often use Google to look for a [local plumber].
The Google search results make it simple for someone to contact a plumber, check reviews, and find nearby plumbers in an emergency.


Since search engine results pages are dominated by customer reviews and local address information, these companies are best served by the usage of local SEO (SERPs).
Customers are drawn to restaurants in the shortest period of time because of the immediacy of information.
In addition, it enables consumers to quickly and easily identify the restaurants in their area that provide the greatest cuisine and service.

5 Key Reasons Why Local SEO Is Important

A company owner who isn’t entirely sure what their digital marketing plan should look like may benefit from this guide! Traditional marketing is a thing of the past. It’s important to have a few high-quality business cards and a solid reputation in the community, but you also need to spend time and money promoting your company online.
But what about in your own neighborhood? Isn’t it preferable to engage with your community on a more intimate level?
Yes, and no. It’s critical that you grasp the significance of local SEO as well. Local SEO is what gets clients to you in the first place, but you can’t have one without the other.
What if we’re wrong? Come on, let’s have a conversation about it. Your small company can’t afford to ignore the value of local search engine optimization (SEO).

1. It Makes You More Competitive

Even if you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you can be sure that your competitors are. Because of this, they’re already a step ahead of you, and they’re snatching up all of your consumers by default.
The greatest and most inventive company in your sector is useless if no one can discover you. You’re in charge when all of these other companies appear on the first page of local search engine results
You may test this by searching for your business’s specialty and your location on Google. Look for “bakery in Los Angeles” or “Los Angeles cakes” if you own a bakery in the city.
What does this bring to mind?
When it comes to local search, you may not even be on the first page of results if you haven’t invested in local SEO. As a consequence, the vast majority of potential customers will never hear about your company unless they are unsatisfied with their first experience. Most people will click on the first link they encounter, if not the first one.
In order to compete with other local companies in your industry, you need to focus on SEO.

2. You Draw-In Visitors and Newcomers

In addition to attracting local consumers, investing in local SEO will help your company attract visitors to your region.
Visitors don’t yet know what companies are in your city. It doesn’t matter how well-known you are or how big your consumer base is if they don’t want to come to you.
There are plenty of places to buy and eat when they get here. Using local SEO, you’ll be the first one they come across. They’ll also be aware that your company is not a sponsored advertisement, but rather an organic search result.
In addition, this is true for folks who have just relocated to your neighborhood. They don’t know anything about the companies in their new neighborhood when they move in. It is possible to develop a new consumer as soon as they arrive in town by showcasing your company to them.

3. People Want to Buy Local

Even in tiny communities, large companies tend to perform better than small local businesses, but that doesn’t imply people don’t care about the individuals who run such firms.
Local businesses are seeing an increase in the number of patrons who want to express their appreciation and help their community prosper. They want to put their money where it will make more of an impact as consumers grow increasingly skeptical of big-box businesses and internet giants.
To find out how many local clients are interested in helping you grow, you need to identify yourself as a local company and get more visitors to your website.

4. Phone Searches Drive Sales

A sudden need to visit a bakery, tattoo parlor, brewery, or other establishment may strike while out on a stroll. What were you thinking?
I bet you got out your phone and searched for the sort of company you were seeking to find. When a person uses their mobile device to search for a local business, results from that area appear right away. It’s not uncommon for Google to show the user’s proximity to the company.
People will discover you when they’re out and about if you have a solid local SEO strategy in place. Customers will come to you on the spur of the moment.

5. It’s Inexpensive

Local SEO is a relatively low-cost method of advertising your organization.
Investing in high-quality SEO and digital marketing services comes with a price. Those expenses, however, are linked to long-term outcomes when taken into consideration in this context.
The benefits of having a well-optimized website aren’t ever going away. You’ll have to keep up the SEO and keep working your way up the ranks, but at least you’ll always have a search engine optimization-friendly website to fall back on.
This isn’t the case with other marketing tactics. In order to advertise in the newspaper or the radio, you must pay a substantial upfront fee. Choosing PPC services in Boston means that if you want your website to remain at the top of search results, you’ll have to keep paying.
For a fraction of the expense of traditional advertising, you may reap the benefits of search engine optimization.

That’s Why Local SEO Is Important

The first step to enhancing your local SEO services in Boston is to understand why it’s vital. Using the advantages of local SEO is the best approach to expand your local consumer base, interact with your community, raise your company’s profile, and improve your reputation.
We’re here to assist you in realizing those advantages.
At UpstairsSEO, we have a deep understanding of marketing and a passion for helping companies succeed. We would want to speak with you. Get in touch with us to get started on your project!

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